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Why we started Medra

Imagine a world where customized immune therapies are available to treat deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s, where plastic-eating microbes clean our oceans, and where drugs that extend the human lifespan by years, if not decades, are readily available.

This is the future recent scientific breakthroughs are beginning to enable.

But, scientific breakthroughs can’t get us there alone.

Just as machine learning engineers need great tools to advance the frontier of AI, scientists need great tools to accelerate their R&D.

While software engineers are now accustomed to being able to use the sleekest, lowest-latency tools, many scientists with decades of experience and multiple advanced degrees spend hours a day hunched over a lab bench, pipetting, loading biological samples into machines, and doing other repetitive, manual work.

Fortunately, there is a better solution: robots.

Recent advances in machine learning for robotic perception and controls mean that robots are less brittle and more generalizable than they’ve ever been before.

Here at Medra, we’re leveraging these new capabilities to build robots that can complete wetlab tasks with a level of precision and scale humans alone could never achieve.

Together, our team of scientists and mechanical, electrical, robotics, and software engineers is bringing biology into a new era.

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